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The demo

This is the November Gallery demo theme.

This theme is an adaptation of the OctoberCMS demo theme with the aim of showcasing the versatility of the November Gallery plugin as well as the UniteGallery jQuery Gallery Plugin that drives the galleries. You can find the source code for this demo theme on GitHub.

This demo is intended for end-users of the theme, i.e. content creators. If you are looking for more technical information, please see the November Gallery Docs. The docs also provide a more hand-held explanation of how you can use November Gallery in your OctoberCMS application.

November Gallery is a gallery plugin for OctoberCMS that tries to Keep It Simple and Stupid.

  1. Upload your images using the Media Manager built into OctoberCMS
  2. Drop November Gallery onto your page or partial
  3. Select the folder you uploaded your images to and how you want them displayed

Behind the scenes, November Gallery makes use of the Image Resizer plugin to generate thumbnails of your images, and the excellent UniteGallery jQuery Gallery Plugin.




This plugin is available in two editions:

  1. The Personal Edition is a free plugin meant for non-profit use, such as: 2. Building a personal website that is not offering a product or services for sale 3. Academic use 4. Use by non-profit organizations
  2. The Professional Edition is meant for commercial use, such as:
    1. A website selling or promoting products or services
    2. Use by a for-profit organization

Both versions are available from the OctoberCMS Marketplace.

Commercial Use governed by the OctoberCMS Marketplace Purchased License